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All kids love music, but not all kids love to practice. Why is this?

Music is a language and children should be taught music the same way they learn a language. By listening, imitating and speaking. Once a child can speak they can then learn the rules of reading and writing. Most kids are taught the rules of music before they can even speak music. That’s no fun. Our motto is “play first, learn second”. So what does this look like? It’s experiential learning providing a child instant access to playing music. The sooner a child can create music the sooner they’ll feel successful. This helps build a child’s confidence which makes them eager to learn more. Our program breaks musical growth down into 3 levels creating a simple and comprehensive track. Practice is not a requirement. Practice is a goal in of itself. Practice must stem from a child’s desire to grow.


Goal: Experience Music

Method: Lesson Based Learning & Learning SONGS


Goal: At Home Practice

Method: Music Theory & Method Book Learning


Goal: Musical Competency

Method: Playing by Ear & Improvisation