Aaron Schiavone

Multi-instrumentalist, music school graduate, and local performer.

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Aaron Teaches:

  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Digital Recording

Aaron “Sidewinder” Schiavone’s passion for music began in the 3rd grade with the drums. Since then, he has become a multi-instrumentalist playing the guitar, bass, drums, piano and even vocals.   Aaron graduated with honors from MATC in Wisconsin. He holds two degrees in Music Occupations and Audio Production. He is well experienced composing, arranging, recording, and performing music in many different genres including jazz, classical, country, blues, rock, metal, and worship.  He also can be found performing all over Florida. Playing as both a session musician and in his own band “Beneath The Ocean”. Aaron has been teaching for over 10 years and has a teaching style that caters to the individual needs of the student. With him you will learn the foundations of music while also learning how to play your favorite songs.


2019 Educational Allstar

2020 Collaboration Allstar

Instructor,  Band Manager,  Jam Session Leader, and Video/ Sound Tech