Join us for a special Adults Only Open Mic event, Friday March 15th starting at 8PM. BYOB & bring your friends.

Music Compound students will perform in the beginning, then the stage will be opened to other acts from the community! Be sure to reserve your spot today.

Information for Performers:

  • Limit 2 songs (unless time allows for more so have more ready if you want more time)
  • Vocalists - Must bring all your own back track playback device (phone/laptop etc) or your own musicians or provide your own music via guitar, keys, etc.
  • Instruments - Keyboard, drum kit, DI Boxes available. You must bring your own guitars or extra instrumentation.

Finally, a stage for adult musicians!

Fill out the form below to save your spot for MC After Hours Open Mic. Acts are limited to 2 songs to start. Additional time may be given depending on availability. More info listed above.